Auriga for DJI Drones

Auriga DJI app


  • Four interface modes: Full/StandardAvionics/none
  • Avionics Head Up Display (HUD).
  • 3D HUD display (for VR goggles only)
  • FPV view optimized for MagiMask (DroneMask).
  • FPV side by side view for VR goggles
  • Camera Tilt&Yaw Head Tracking features (available for FPV and Magi modes)
  • Camera switching - Augmented Reality view
  • Obstacle Avoidance (just for Mavic Air2 and DJI Air 2S).
  • Audio warning messages.
  • RTH to take-off or pilot point.
  • Controller modes configuration.
  • Configurable profiles.
  • Low battery warning setting threshold.
  • PhotosVideo Gallery (we are sorry but due to a bug in the DJI SDK, it does not always work correctly).
  • Multilingual interface.
  • Flight data synchronization with AirData UAV. 
  • Active Track Modes: POI, Spotlight, Trace and Parallel (for DJI Air2S & Mavic Air2 only).



  • Full/Minimal/none views.
  • Map view.
  • Drone Battery Status by circular progress bar.
  • Controller Battery Status by circular progress bar.
  • Transmission Signal Strength by circular progress bar.
  • Memory Storage by circular progress bar.
  • HUD display for:
  • Speed slide bar.
  • Altitude slide bar.
  • Antenna pointer indicator.
  • Camera indicator.
  • Artificial Gyroscope Horizon.
  • Drone directional icon.
  • Flight Time.
  • Flight mode
  • Satellites indicator.


  • Auriga DJI software is compatible with the following DJI drones:
  • Mavic Mini
  • Mini 2
  • Mini SE
  • Mavic Air2
  • DJI Air2S 

Auriga DJI User Guide

Read entirely at least once: it answers most questions that most users encounter when they user the Auriga Anafi software application.

Refer to the Parrot user manual for more information regarding the use of the Parrot devices and about the features details.

Not all the features described in the user manual  are yet available for the iOS version.