A new and immersive flight experience

The Auriga applications are first person viewer software designed for Parrot drones:
- Auriga Bebop app for Bebop 1, Bebop 2 and Parrot Disco drones;
- Auriga Anafi app for Parrot Anafi drones.
Auriga apps allow  you an addictive and enjoyable flying experience placing yourself in the "pilot’s seat" of your  drone.
Besides Auriga apps allow you, by a modern interface, to monitor the video feed during the flight. Thus, as you watch the view from the camera you can also see your batteries status, altitude, speed,  and many of other telemetry readouts.
On Auriga apps are also available, on FPV Headset mode,  the camera Head Tracking features (you are able to move the drone’s camera by your head movements) and HUD display with 3D effects for an even more immersive feeling.