A new and immersive flying experience

Until now, an immersive First Person View (FPV) experience through goggles was out of reach for some users. The cost is no longer a barrier between you and the sky above. A real immersive experience for piloting in the first person view is made by Auriga Bebop application.

 The Auriga Bebop app allows an addictive and enjoyable flying experience with the Parrot Bebop drones 1 and 2.

Auriga Bebop allows you to place yourself in the "pilot’s seat" of your Bebop by monitoring a video feed during the flight. Thus, as you watch the view from the camera you can also see your batteries status, altitude, speed, compass, antenna pointer  and a variety of other telemetry readouts.

With Auriga Bebop you can move the camera of Bebop drone by your head movements (Head Tracking features) for an even more immersive feeling.

Auriga Bebop can be connected to the Bebop drone by Skycontroller 1 and 2 or Bluetooth controller in a single or FPV headset mode. Skycontroller can also work in combination with an additional Bluetooth Joypad or a Mini Gamepad for additional features such as acrobatic flight (flips) or for selecting the camera point of view: Pilot or Drone modes.

Main features

  • Two FPV Headset Views for VR goggles and Parrot Cockpitglasses.
  • Single view flight interface.
  • Avionic Style interfaces.
  • 3D HUD displays to overlay  the flight data.
  • On Screen Display to display the status and warnings.
  • Augmented Reality View.
  • Camera Head Tracking features (FPV headset mode only).
  • Flight parameters and flight profiles settings.
  • Drone and VR glasses calibrations features.
  • Joypad and Flypad buttons configurable.
  • Manual/automatic switching of the Drone/Pilot views.
  • Return to home features.
  • Antenna pointer indicator.
  • Compass slide bar.
  • Altitude Above Sea Level indicator.
  • Home Marker.
  • Flight Data.
  • White balance and exposure adjusting.
  • Altitude Limit OFF.
  • WiFi settings.
  • Video/Photo settings.
  • Time lapse mode.
  • Battery alarm threshold settings.
  • Low battery warning RTH setting.
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS) for Parrot Disco.

Instrument Landing System ILS for Parro Disco

The ILS for your Parrot Disco helps you to approach a proper landing operations in such a way that it warns you when it is the right time to press the landing button on your Skycontroller.

The Auriga’s ILS System allows you to set the best values of altitude and distance in order to approach the proper landing, besides Auriga’s ILS instrument helps you to align the Disco in the right way of the landing pathway.

FPV Headset layouts.

  • 1    Skycontroller Battery Status.
  • 2    Bebop drone Battery Status.
  • 3    Distance.
  • 4    Wifi Signal Strength.
  • 5    Return To Home.
  • 6    Head Tracker Status.
  • 7    Video Recording Status.
  • 8    Flight Time.
  • 9    Speed slide bar.
  • 10  Altitude slide bar.
  • 11  Artificial Gyroscope Horizon.
  • 12  Antenna pointer indicator.
  • 13   Compass slide bar.
  • 14  Home Marker.
  • 15  Altitude Above Sea Level.
  • 16  Centre camera indicator.
  • 17  Satellites indicator
  • 18  Altitude limit override button/indicator 
  • 19  Tips window

1.Skycontroller drone Battery Status: On HUD display shows the  percentage of the remaining battery level of the Skycontroller. An icon and an audible alarm warn of the oncoming total discharge of the battery. 

2.Bebop drone Battery Status: On HUD display shows the  percentage of the remaining battery level of the Bebop drone. An icon and an audible alarm warn of the oncoming total discharge of the battery. 

3.Distance (mt/ft): On HUD display shows the distance between home to GPS Bebop position. In the setting page can be set the preferred units: mt or ft.

4.Wifi Signal Strength (dB): On HUD display shows the -dB (decibel) of the radio WIFI signal strength. An icon and an audible alarm warn of the oncoming signal loss.

 5. Return To Home: OSD shows a Return To Home (RTH) icon that becomes flashing when active.

 6.Head Tracker Status: OSD shows a Head Tracker icon that becomes unlocked when active. This means that the bebop's camera may be driven simply moving your head.

7.Video Recording Status: OSD shows a video recording status: rec/pause. The recording command is performed by the controller.

 8.Flight Time: The bottom right of the OSD shows two flight times:

 - Flight time (min:sec) shown the current session flight time.

 - Total time (min:sec)  shown the total time that Bebop flew before battery changing.

 9.Speed slide bar (Kmh/Mph): On HUD displays a vertical slide bar of the speed. In the setting page can be set the preferred speed units: Kmh or Mph.

10.Altitude slide bar: On HUD displays a slide bar of the altitude. In the setting page can be set the preferred altitude units: mt or ft.

 11.Artificial Gyroscope Horizon: On HUD displays the gyroscope flight position.

 12.Antenna Pointer indicator: This indicator allows you to point the antenna of the Skycontroller in the direction of the Bebop in order to have the best radio connection.

 13.Compass slide bar: On HUD displays a slide bar of the compass position.

 14.Home Marker: The Home Marker arrow displays the position of the drone's nose on the compass respect to the home position.

 15.Altitude Above Sea Level: In this position of the HUD the altitude above sea level is displayed. In the setting page can be set the preferred units: MASL or FASL.

16.Centre camera indicator: A dot on the screen shows the centre camera position. This indicator changes its position on screen when your head is moving in head tracker mode.

17.Satellites indicator: In this position of the HUD, the number of satellites is displayed for the best GPS position calculation.

 18. Altitude limit override button/indicator: the override button/indicator appear on HUD when the altitude limit is reached.

19. Tips window: These items are warning or notification windows, they also recommend actions to be performed about these alerts.


To set your preferences, the followings menus are available:

• DISPLAY SETTINGS: to set the display preferences such as navigational units, HUD & OSD display enable/disable, colour, 3D depth and opacity adjustment and image settings for FPV headset. 

• HEADTRACK SETTINGS: head tracker modes.

• FLIGHT SETTINGS: to set the flight parameters and the user profiles.

• VIDEO/PHOTO SETTINGS: to set the stabilization OFF, video and recording quality, camera Drone/Pilot switching and photo mode.

• JOYPAD/FLYPAD SETTINGS: to map the controller buttons

• RTH and BATTERY: to set return delay time, home position: take off or pilot position and battery warnings threshold.


The flight settings can also be viewed when the HUD is running just by swiping on the screen or tapping on the setting icon.

Auriga Bebop is available on Google Play store


Auriga Bebop software application is compatible with the following Parrot devices:

- Skycontroller 1

- Skycontroller Black edition

- Skycontroller 2

- Skycontroller 2P

- Flypad

- Parrot Goggles

 - Bebop1

- Bebop2

- Bebop Power

- Parrot Disco


Android version 4.4.2 and higher.


For the best head tracking performance be sure that your smartphone is provided of: accelerometer ,magnetic and gyroscope sensors.